Interviewing Mercè Conesa, Mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Yesterday, in the “L’entrevista” program, it was the turn to interview Ms. Mercè Conesa, Mayor of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona). In this occassion, Mònica Hernàndez, the program host, was accompanied by Sara Moreno, Sociology Pofessor at UAB, Josep Gimeno, News Head at, and myself.

The main subjects of the interview were: economic development, employment and community aids, transportation, the undergoing local government reform, smart city and security.

Interviewing Valentí Junyent, Mayor of Manresa (Barcelona)

Today I had the opportunity to collaborate in the “L’entrevista” program broadcasted by a national TV and radio Station called Xarxa de comunicació Local along with Mònica Hernàndez, program host, Albert Sàez and Manel Rius. Today was the occasion to interview the Mayor of Manresa, Mr. Valentí Junyent.

#banlieulanuit: 450 nightlife report

Radio-Canada proceeds the production of high quality reports on urban issues.

The interactive multimedia #banlieulanuit explores the 450 (montreal suburban cities and neighbourhoods) nightlife environment.

“What does happen at night in the suburbs? When asked this question to users, most of them evoke the boyd and the boredom. Others speak of insecurity and crime. These polarized responses reflect a fact: the night is an unknown universe.

Yet while thousands of people go to bed, part of the population wakes up in the suburbs of Montreal. An active night, which is rarely discussed. Evidence that the “dormitory town” not only sleep.

It is in this spirit that we created # BanlieueLaNuit, immersive, informative and social experience of the nightlife in the metropolitan crown”

More on Detroit: images

I admit it, I am absolutely mesmerized by this city and the dynamics it has lived during the last century.

As I dig deeper on its history and idiosyncrasy I am more and more convinced Detroit show radically most of city dynamics that can be found in any city.

Detroit traits are specially visual. Images from the city are poignant. I cannot think of any other North American city that transmits such a post-industrial portrait.

Recently I have come across Dave Jordano‘s pictures of his hometown worth having a look.

Dave Jordano

There is also a collective exhibition of pictures going on at the Detroit Institute of Arts called “Motor City Muse: Detroit Photographs, Then and Now“:


“Motor City Muse” Launches Dec. 14 at the Detroit Institute of Arts


Two highly recommended documentaries about Detroit, excellent example of Death and Life of Great American Cities (sic, Jane Jacobs)

BBC: “Requiem for Detroit?”  (2010)

“Redefining Dreamland” (2011)

“Redefining Dreamland” A 2011 Detroit Documentary (TRT: 1 hour 14 minutes) from Orange Creative on Vimeo.

New paper: Territory Political Autonomy and Metropolitan Governance: Comparing Catalonia and Quebec

This article compares the approach to metropolitan governance in Catalonia and Quebec. In the first part of the article we analyze the three main approaches to metropolitan governance: reform school, public choice school and new regionalism. Each theoretical school proposes a model of dealing with metropolitan challenges according to a different degree of institutionalization, involving key questions as the degree of public intervention or the nature of democratic legitimacy in the metropolitan area. While in Catalonia the option of mergers has repeatedly been rejected in favor of intermunicipal cooperation, Quebec has traditionally opted for the solution of municipal reforms. The second part of the article explores the reason for this difference. Our hypothesis considers that the political role of municipalities and the model of local government are the key variables to under stand the opposite models of metropolitan governance. The analysis of institutional and political factors such as the distribution of powers, the electoral system, the party system and the political culture conforms this idea. The combination of these variables leads to a different approach to metropolitan governance in Catalonia and Quebec.

Access to the paper here (only available in Catalan).

Access to the full journal in epub.