My new book is out: “Penser métropolitain? La bataille politique du Grand Montréal”

Penser métropolitain ? La bataille politique du Grand Montréal

Author: Mariona Tomàs

Presses de l’Université du Québec

What are the factors that explain the construction of metropolitan governance models and what is the contribution of local actors in this process? At the intersection of urban studies and political science, this book addresses the political dimension of metropolisation from a case study of the management model implemented in Montreal as part of the reform Harel (1999 – 2001).

Moments of institutional change leads inevitably to  areas of ambiguity creation, where the dynamics of the relationship between institutional rules (the state organization and political culture) and local actors remark exacerbated way. Montreal is revealed as a lab due to the controversial nature of its metropolitan reform.

A three-stage new model was indeed implemented, based on the creation of the Metropolitan Montreal, the fusion of all municipalities on the Island of Montreal and the creation of 27 districts. This process has revealed the existence of divergent representations of the city, making it impossible to adopt a shared metropolitan vision. Subsequent reform of the Liberal Party of Quebec, initiated in 2003, gave the spotlight the ideological dimension of the metropolitan issue, as well as the ability of some groups to present their ideas on metropolitan management to the detriment of others.

The construction of a metropolitan thinking is an ongoing process of mediation between different interests and search for compromise, and it is shown by the author-analyzing the first ten years of existence of the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

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