This month recommendation: Barcelona’s rebuilding process

The Catalan public station TV3 has recently produced and broadcasted a documentary regarding the rebuilding process of the city of Barcelona entitled “Empty, full. The Arrhythmic City” (Buit, ple. La ciutat arítmica).

In my opinion, the documentary is haunted by a functionalist gaze that assumes the role of the city as an ecosystem.

Here is the video (in Catalan) on Youtube as the official link ( does not support embedding the video on the blog:

Interview at the Ara journal

Today an interview from Ara journalist Carme Riera is online regarding my book “Penser Métropolitain?…”

entrevista ara Mariona Tomàs








You can access full interview at:

More on Detroit: images

I admit it, I am absolutely mesmerized by this city and the dynamics it has lived during the last century.

As I dig deeper on its history and idiosyncrasy I am more and more convinced Detroit show radically most of city dynamics that can be found in any city.

Detroit traits are specially visual. Images from the city are poignant. I cannot think of any other North American city that transmits such a post-industrial portrait.

Recently I have come across Dave Jordano‘s pictures of his hometown worth having a look.

Dave Jordano

There is also a collective exhibition of pictures going on at the Detroit Institute of Arts called “Motor City Muse: Detroit Photographs, Then and Now“:


“Motor City Muse” Launches Dec. 14 at the Detroit Institute of Arts


Two highly recommended documentaries about Detroit, excellent example of Death and Life of Great American Cities (sic, Jane Jacobs)

BBC: “Requiem for Detroit?”  (2010)

“Redefining Dreamland” (2011)

“Redefining Dreamland” A 2011 Detroit Documentary (TRT: 1 hour 14 minutes) from Orange Creative on Vimeo.

Two videos on cities: two visions: hope and crisis

L’Amèrica en fallida” (L’Amérique en faillite), produit per France 2 i emès al 30 Minuts el dia 29 de gener de 2012




Thinking cities, Networked societies“, d’Ericsson